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We create custom graphics for content creators so you can improve the quality and professionalism of your streams, channels, and videos, and to grow and stand out as a brand.  Our design products include logos, panels, overlays, alerts, emotes, banners, animated scenes, and much more. Anything you need for your content creator personae and brand, we have got you covered!

Featured Bundles for Streamers


Starting at $300


Info Panels

Offline Screen


Webcam Frame



Starting at $450


Info Panels

Offline Screen


Webcam Frame


Emotes (3)

Badges (4)

Social Media Posts (2)


Starting at $550

Starting Soon Scene

Be Right Back Scene

IRL/Chat Scene


Animated Webcam Frame

Animated Overlay

Animated Alerts (4)


Starting at $950

Graphics Bundle


Animated Bundle


Stream Ending Scene


Individual Items

Whether you are a streamer, gamer, content creator or vlogger, we can design graphics to meet all your needs. Any of the following can be ordered individually, bundled to fit your needs or added to our featured bundles.

All of our products are completely custom designed, giving you a unique look!

Starting At:

Logo Design $150

Avatar Illustration $200

Art Illustration $250

Banner/Header Design $30

Info Panels Design $30

Emote Design $20

Set of Subscriber Badges $35

Thumbnail Design $30

Offline Screen $40

Starting At:

Static Overlay $30

Social Post Design $30

Static Scene $40

Static Webcam Frame $40

Static Alerts (4) $50

Cheermote $40

Animated Emote $50

Logo Animation $80

Starting At:

Animated Overlay $75

Animated Social Post $60

Animated Scene $60

Animated Webcam Frame $50

Animated Alerts (4) $150

Animated Transition $60

Highlight Video $150

Intro Video $100

Outro Video $100


All pricing is dependent on the customer's request, the design and animation elements to be created. Different design ideas take different amounts of time. Every project is unique and so is the price. 

If you require design consultation prior to submitting an order, we offer consultation with our team at a rate of $30/hr. In this consultation session, we will discuss your project goals, explore themes, styles and branding concepts, so you can confidently move forward in placing your order.

All prices are in USD and payments must be made via PayPal.

In order for your project to be added to our queue and before any creation can begin, a non-refundable 50% payment must be made. The remaining balance is due immediately upon project completion. If the artist, for whatever reason, can't complete the project and needs to cancel the order, then a refund will be issued.

Bundled prices are available whenever 3 or more services are purchased together. And ask us about our monthly sales. Getting a price for your project is easy. Let's talk it over coffee!

Customer Referral Program

~ Introducing the Mixed Creatives' Customer Referral Program ~

We strive for long-lasting customer relationships & we want to show you how much we value your choice to have us as your artists. We also want to make it easy for you to share the love with your friends and to come back for more!

How our program works:

  1. Mixed Creatives' (MC) Customers can now refer friends and family in order to receive a credit with us.
  2. Your friend just needs to drop your name when they place their first order.
  3. We'll notify you and your friend of the referral, and confirm the details with you.
  4. You will receive 10% of your referee's first order value as credit towards your future MC order.
  5. Your 10% value incentive is a one-time use but valid for a lifetime.*
  6. You will also receive a one-time pass for our Priority Customer positioning in our project queue.* *
  7. Ta-da! And we celebrate our long-lasting relationship again through our love of art created for you and your friends.

*Value incentives per referral can be stacked with the value received from your other referrals.

**Priority Customer pass will only be applied once.

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