About Us

Our Essence & Approach

Born creative, we are curious, adventurous, and avid admirers of beauty, the natural and the surreal. We live to love, laugh and cry. We are moved by the human experience, connections, diversity, and perspectives, our work emulates and elevates that which we love.

Mixed Creatives is our digital reality, where we have pure creativity without limits. We are artists obsessed with all that is visual, in motion, energetic and that which tells a story.

With Bree's vision and ability to transform ideas into works of art, coupled with decades of creative direction and project management. Suraj's mastery of visual effects, inherent precision, and attention to detail, perfectly matched with a constant desire to challenge, learn and improve means he creates rich and unique projects. We are Mixed Creatives.

Our essence is found at the intersection of art and technology where we have acquired and mastered a multitude of skills. This ultimately allows us to adapt to each project's unique needs. Driven by passion and ideas, equipped with expertise and great know-how, we provide 360 degree creative services in both traditional and digital.



Owner & Creative Lead

Unsettled digital nomad and an unapologetically creative visionary. Crafting with words and with her hands, she weaves stories old and new. A katana wielding coffee baroness fighting for freedom.


Suraj (aka Fabjab)

Owner & VFX Artist

Extraordinary eye for the visually appealing and an exceptional mind for inner workings of the digital landscape. A stealth fighter equipped with tactical precision and a need for speed.

Mixed Creatives is 100% Indigenous-owned and operated, based in Canada.

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